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Rebecca, 19 Mar 2019

mushrooms ordered on margarita, charged for but not on pizza!

Steve, 17 Mar 2019

Happy customer

Tobie, 15 Mar 2019

Best chicken wings EVER!!! I’m pleased I can order gluten free pizza! Only place I know! Don’t stop!! :)

Katherine Cook, 10 Mar 2019

1 hour and 40 minutes until food arrived, after ringing up after an hour im told 15 minutes, still not turned up then told 10 minutes and messed around again, when it did arrive they forgot the dips and the food was like warm and cheese missing on the pizza. I usually always collect and have no problems, but won’t be getting delivery again.

Josh, 09 Mar 2019

Hi! My first order is done from you guys. On one pizza i ordered extra ham what i didn't get on it, but anyway they was soooo good i am not complaining just please focus on the orders if people paying extra money for something. Delivery was very fast and a girl was very kind with the bike. See you next time! Thank you

David, 28 Feb 2019


Matthew, 27 Feb 2019

Lovely pizza place can never complain.

Fae, 26 Feb 2019

Our first time ordering from yourselves. Superb value for money, good food and super quick delivery, Thank you!

Christine, 23 Feb 2019

Very slow delivering food but food was nice

Humza, 15 Feb 2019

Hi, I've just placed an online order as thought we'd try you for a change (usually order from papa johns), however, there wasn't an option to order dips - for future reference, do you have any and, if so, how do we order them. Thanks.

Claire, 04 Feb 2019


Imadh, 15 Jan 2019

Best pizza place in town!

Charlotte, 11 Jan 2019

Good service

Charlie, 03 Jan 2019

Brilliant x

Sah, 01 Jan 2019


Ad, 01 Jan 2019


Harry, 30 Dec 2018

need to get differnt nuggets lol

Kelly, 22 Dec 2018

Great food, great service!

Anthony, 21 Dec 2018

Top pizza!

Lorraine, 14 Dec 2018

Forgot the extra topping that I’ve paid for. Smallest portion of chips this side of a happy meal.

Lewis Mandel, 08 Dec 2018

Thank you so much for the delivery outside of Bishop. It was very helpful for us. We made the order and it was at the destination faster that limit time. The food was amazing and still warm. The girl who brought us the food was nice and friendly. Good job! Keep going like that!

Ecaterina Chitu, 07 Dec 2018

Unfortunately we received diet coke instead of classic coke which was a shame as neither i or my wife like diet coke at all! So it spoiled the experience and we were not offered an exchange by the delivery driver. Shame

Jez, 28 Nov 2018

Very good

Theresa, 26 Nov 2018

Good food but always takes at least 90-120 minutes for delivery.

Dayna, 23 Nov 2018


Matthew, 16 Nov 2018

Points redeem system needs to work g

Joe, 29 Oct 2018

Great food great service and value for money driver was really friendly... been really disappointed with another well known pizza chain lately but you guys smashed it thanks

Hannah Miles, 21 Oct 2018

Always enjoyable food. Arrives hot, great menu even for the fussy kids. Yummy

Siobhan, 13 Oct 2018

That took longer than calling in

Siobhan, 28 Sep 2018

This is by far the best pizza around but twice now delivery has taken over an hour the last time nearly two. Perhaps a text or email to let us know a more realistic time would be good.

Bethany, 22 Sep 2018

Always excellent pizza. More topping options on the create-your-own would be awesome - or the option to change the base sauce on the premades.

Joe, 20 Sep 2018

We have been ordering for The Pizza Guys for around a year, at first the service and food was great and they became our go-to takeaway. Unfortunately, the standard of service and food has decreased dramatically. Today I ordered a pizza for collection, after the website told me my pizza was ready for collection I drove down to pick it up only to be told 'we've only just seen your order, wait half an hour'. I cancelled the order as I was on my lunch break, don't think I'll be ordering from here again.

Derek, 17 Sep 2018

Very tough dough

Detomi, 14 Sep 2018


Alexandra, 07 Sep 2018

We were told our delivery would be an hour and at present it’s been an hour and a half not impressed at all and when we called we were told it was being prepared when it hadn’t even left yet I hope the food is better quality than the delivery

Joanne, 05 Sep 2018

The gluten free pizza was very rubbery and tough to eat. Wouldnt get this again :(

Beth, 01 Sep 2018

We ALWAYS buy our pizzas from The Pizza Guys. The food is excellent, Service always great and friendly and brilliant value for money. These guys work really hard and deserve to do well. Big fans!!!

Lorraine, 23 Aug 2018

Lovely food!

Steph, 22 Aug 2018

Very nice thank you!

Daniel, 19 Aug 2018

Something for everyone! Friendly staff and quick service

Nicola, 14 Aug 2018

Ordered the family deal - two large pizzas, garlic bread with cheese, hot wings and sweet potato fries. Waiting well over an hour for Pizza which is usually very good, however this time was chewy dry and very unappetising as was the garlic bread. Chicken and the fries were okay, but due to the rest of the order I feel as though we have wasted £25. Very disappointed in what is usually a good meal. 07985176147

Adam, 04 Aug 2018

Nice Food, Decent Price and prompt delivery

Jack, 03 Aug 2018

We love the pizzas there amazing and great value, only problem is it takes a while for delivery,worth the wait but would be great if it was a bit faster.

Lisa Fowler, 03 Aug 2018

Tell your car driver if he wants to keep his licence best not speed and overtake in the 30 limit in lt Hallingbury.

Mark, 02 Aug 2018

Very disappointed with pizzaguys this week. Last week I ordered whilst in the shop and was told it would take about 25 mins. 40 minutes later I had to ask where it was and they hadn't even started making it so I asked for a refund as I was late for something. Tonight I ordered to have food delivered. After an hour I had to call to find out where my food was. The lady on the phone had trouble finding my order. Once she managed to locate it, was told that it hadn't been cooked yet and will be with me in 15 mins and we would get free ice cream. When the lady was hanging up the phone I clearly heard her say "ok whatever. Bye" when the food did eventually arrived, an hour and a half after ordering, the burger buns where all dried out and chewy, the chips over cooked, the tex mex box was all very over cooked and burnt. The pizza, chicken wings and garlic where fine. I can not fault the delivery driver Adam at all, he was fantastic as always. 1 last thing. I never did get my free ice cream.

Colin, 27 Jul 2018


I'm sitting eating this right now and it's amazing!

Christian, 25 Jul 2018

There is a 40P "service charge" for using Internet!!!. If you call them there is no charge. So if you DIY it you pay, but if you use their staff there is no charge, where is the logic in that?

Jonathan, 23 Jul 2018

Large order of 25 pizzas arranged for school party - amazing price, excellent communication, great service & absolutely delicious pizza scoffed in about 10 minutes!!!! Thanks again...highly recommend

Eleni , 21 Jul 2018

Very nice pizza have it atleast 2 times a week. Just wish the delivery was quicker. But definitely recommend!

Conor, 15 Jul 2018

Always does good, will continue to use for our local pizza

Calum, 12 Jul 2018

Good pizza but warm and stodgy cheesecake

Lulu, 03 Jul 2018

I’m staying in room 1 at the jolly brewers pub.

Julian, 01 Jul 2018

A little late tonight but still tasty

Terry, 28 Jun 2018

Delivery driver was nice

Joe, 27 Jun 2018


John, 16 Jun 2018

Great service all round

Nicola, 16 Jun 2018

For me it is a very good service and the Drivers are very polite on Delivery.WELL far

Bernie, 16 Jun 2018

Hi, Love your pizza but tonight the bases were so chewy that we ended up not finishing them, I think it might have been our fault, we ordered Italian base for a change rather than traditional, so i am assuming that they are much tougher? Good to know for the future, if you think this shouldn't have been the case i hope the feedback was useful - Andy Weight, Holmby, Hatfield Heath, 07800875232

Andy, 15 Jun 2018

Why do I have to pay £0.40 for service charge? What service is this?

Thiago, 10 Jun 2018

Alanah was such an amazing Lovely driver brought my food quick and was still very hot. Just for the driver I’ll be ordering again.

Jess Laws, 07 Jun 2018

was beautiful!

Kerry, 06 Jun 2018

deliver quicker :(

Georgie, 01 Jun 2018

As much as l absolutely love your pizza you base seems to be getting thinner and l love a deep pan, just think your base needs to be thicker

Donna, 24 May 2018

Its just good every time, really dont have anything bad to say

Ryan, 23 May 2018

Best pizza and service in town

Mark, 23 May 2018

The best pizza

Emanuela Cadoni, 21 May 2018

Very nice good quality food could be a little quicker though. Other than that happy customer :)

James, 20 May 2018

Very quick delivery told 60 minutes turned up in 30, thanks

Colin, 18 May 2018

Top notch!

Ed, 08 May 2018

Generally very good service, but had to wait nearly 90 mins for this order. It made my daughters late for their appointment

Gareth Williams, 08 May 2018


Sidney, 07 May 2018

lovely food - great service

Lindsey, 05 May 2018

Excellent food and excellent value. Would recommend to friends and family.

Sarah, 05 May 2018

I like the pizza testy and you have great selection very good

Eman, 30 Apr 2018

Great customer service and lovely food.

Carla, 29 Apr 2018

So far so good

Vicki, 28 Apr 2018

My drink was missing from the order and not given a refund and the salad was missing from the burger.

Kerrie, 14 Apr 2018

Just love Pizza Guys wouldn't go anywhere else for takeout pizza :)

Elaine, 12 Apr 2018

They forgot the drink and the Dip sauce for the TEX MEX BOX. Is quite hard to eat nuggets or chicken without any sauce. Try to expend more time in the package.

Roberto, 11 Apr 2018

Make it hot please on delivery as always.

Bernie, 01 Apr 2018

Forget the rest pizza guys the best fast delivery and friendly staff plus food is always spot on

Stuart, 31 Mar 2018

Great pizza

Nicola Johnson, 30 Mar 2018

Great food !

Ellie, 30 Mar 2018

Took awhile to get to me was very once here though

Tony, 29 Mar 2018

Redeem points option doesn't work

Joe, 25 Mar 2018

ok so far

Bernie, 24 Mar 2018

Always a great tasty pizza

Wayne, 21 Mar 2018

The guys are always happy and polite and very helpful

Iain, 21 Mar 2018

Pizza guys are the best

Donna, 18 Mar 2018

So Far So Good

Bernie, 18 Mar 2018

Fantastic food as always, and as always earlier than estimated...

Stuart, 11 Mar 2018


Bernie, 09 Mar 2018

Even after a delivery problem, that was entirely my fault, my meal arrived in good time and the store staff and delivery man were really nice and friendly. My plan to save some pizza for breakfast was also foiled. Cheers Pizza Guys :)

Craig, 07 Mar 2018

Ordered the wings as they were so good the first time, unfortunately not so good this time - not crispy enough on the outside!

Jack , 04 Mar 2018

food was expected to arrive in an hour - which is fair enough but literally 25 mins after order the food arrived. Fabulous! Best pizza and service in town!

Danielle, 04 Mar 2018

Perfect great food took longer than normal but they looked really busy

Tom, 04 Mar 2018

"hey I'm not sure weather my Payment went through could u confirm if u received my order also r cookies available if so can u add six to my order and il pay for them with cash

Katie Russell, 02 Mar 2018

lovely food

Shawn, 28 Feb 2018

Love the pizza guys! Only pizza company takeaway we use!

Sophie, 27 Feb 2018

Always good service

Julia, 24 Feb 2018

Been using The Pizza Guys for years. Always great food at really good prices. Big fans!

Lorraine, 22 Feb 2018

Very quick good value for money

Ben, 13 Feb 2018

New app update doesn’t seem to be working

Josh, 12 Feb 2018

Pizza is top notch! Thanks guys. So much better than Dominos!

Emily, 09 Feb 2018

Lovely pizzas. Delivered promptly and hot. Thk u.

Helena, 31 Jan 2018

Most people put here nice comments. I seem to be the only one getting rubbish service most of the time. Extremely poor service. I rarely order from pizza guys, customer service is the worst.

Charlotte, 30 Jan 2018

Sometimes the pizza does not have the extras that I order.

Jade, 30 Jan 2018

Very good quick service

Donna, 26 Jan 2018


Kiera, 20 Jan 2018


Adam, 13 Jan 2018

Tried for the 1st time and was very impressed - definitely will order again

Dawn, 12 Jan 2018

Very nice and friendly

Erika, 10 Jan 2018

its 13:00 hours and I can't order because site says you are closed. but on your contact page it says you open at 12:00 hours. I wish I could order.

Rafael, 10 Jan 2018

We have been using pizza guys for a while and always have great service and great food.

Lorna, 06 Jan 2018

Very Good

Kamran, 05 Jan 2018

Best pizza in Stortford and best proprietor

Steven, 03 Jan 2018

Arrived bang on time and was very tasty.

Mike, 30 Dec 2017

The app would not let me add the second side order on the 2 for£5.99 drop down worked for first order but not second

Andrew, 19 Dec 2017

I've been ordering from Pizza Guys since they were "Dial a Pizza" (probably something like 20 years!!). In all that time I've only ever had one or two 'below standard' orders. I just wouldn't order Pizza from anywhere else in Stortford and neither should you. Here's to another 20 years (and my ever expanding waistline!?) :)

Phil T, 18 Dec 2017

Easy to order and great choice of pizza. Pizzas are amazing.

Lisa, 17 Dec 2017

Very good in every way. Keep coming back time and again.

Jeremy, 15 Dec 2017

Love your pizza' s every time

Donna, 14 Dec 2017

Dough without salt and the order was stiff and cold.

Carlos, 09 Dec 2017

Perry, 06 Dec 2017

Doesn't show buy 1 get 1 free at checkout it shows full price

Andrew, 05 Dec 2017

Terrible service, turned up and order had been missed so had to wait further 15 minutes whilst it was made, no real apology other than the computer didn’t notify them but the order had been made. Defeats the point of pre-ordering. Not impressed. [email protected]

Tim, 03 Dec 2017

Very nice

Clive, 01 Dec 2017

my specific instructions to replace bbq sauce with reggae sauce not followed. Got a Tango and not Fanta as ordered

Samson, 26 Nov 2017

Perry, 21 Nov 2017

You always forget to bring the dip.

Calum, 12 Nov 2017

Best pizza in Stortford....

Stuart, 11 Nov 2017


Good service thankyou

Donna, 08 Nov 2017

Best pizza in town. Very good

Ross, 07 Nov 2017

Never a disappointment.

Aaron, 04 Nov 2017

Good pizza!

Gail, 01 Nov 2017

very quick delivery and burgers were hot on receipt (unusual for any take-away). Think the way the burgers are wrapped in paper foil really helped, so good thinking Pizza Guys and they were also very tasty. Will use again in the near future

Amanda, 27 Oct 2017


Tim, 26 Oct 2017


Luciano, 25 Oct 2017

2nd time we have used u , food its great , bit slow delivering tonight but the lovely driver rang and apologised a millon times , that is great customer service

Paula, 20 Oct 2017

Disappointing...... pizza was cold tonight. Hoping was just a one off and will be better next time. I’ve ordered before and was much better. nice friendly delivery service though

Jamie, 17 Oct 2017

The food is always excellent and also delivered on time. Would highly recommend.

Graham, 10 Oct 2017

Call when at gate

Jade, 08 Oct 2017

My Dr Pepper was missing. :(

Aaron, 24 Sep 2017


Tatiana, 16 Sep 2017

Disappointing. Food was 30 minutes late and, when it did turn up, was cold and order was wrong.

Julia, 15 Sep 2017

Really nice

Kiera, 08 Sep 2017

Great pizza that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Will make it my prefered pizza place from now on and also will recommend. Just a special note to the lovely lady working on deliveries today, very nice!

Rita, 03 Sep 2017

Better than dominios and staff much nicer

Daniel, 28 Aug 2017

Chips portion was a bit small. Toppings a bit light including the cheese on a few slices of the pizza where it was not spread evenly. Other than that was nice

Wayne, 27 Aug 2017

Superb value for money, lovely food and it got to us a lot quicker than stated! We will definitely be ordering from here again.

Sam, 27 Aug 2017

good service for the price

Denise, 20 Aug 2017

The food was amazing! Best chicken strippers we had ever had as well. We asked for your cutest delivery guy or girl and you did not disappoint he was adorable and apologised for not being the most attractive but he was. Can't wait for my next pizza.

Thea, 20 Aug 2017

Hi there, we finished eating this evening and then one of the kids said "hey - where was our garlic bread with cheese!?" - it wasn't delivered. Could we get double next time or something please? No point in dropping it off now as the meal is finished.... Thanks Colin

Colin Harris, 18 Aug 2017

Very slow service - was not happy.

Daisy, 11 Aug 2017

My favourite pizza place. Ordering at least one a week.

Tiago, 11 Aug 2017

Quick and easy

John, 07 Aug 2017

Pizza is good

Giusi, 02 Aug 2017

Brilliant service and fantastic pizza, all at a great price! What more can you ask for?!

Katie, 27 Jul 2017

Nice and quick delivery

James, 27 Jul 2017

Have started using the Pizza Guys on a regular basis - love the pizzas and the sides.

Jo, 26 Jul 2017

First time using The Pizza Guys and definitely won't be the last. The online sign up and ordering was easy. Loads of choice and delivered in half the time that was quoted. Everything cooked well and hot, delivery driver warm and courteous and the pizzas looked and tasted amazing.

Dawn, 23 Jul 2017

Excellent food great deals and friendly drivers perfect!!

Hannah Miles, 16 Jul 2017

Good shit

Dan, 15 Jul 2017

Really happy with it :-)

The Wheatsheaf Pub, 15 Jul 2017


Maria, 14 Jul 2017

Very nice meal, pizza and burgers were lovely

Chris, 02 Jul 2017

First time and super pleased. Good job!

James Richardson, 30 Jun 2017

Good food

Jason, 30 Jun 2017

This is my 2nd and last time ordering from Pizza Guys Bishop's Stortford. The pizza arrived after an hour (better than the 90 minutes on the previous occasion) and was undercooked, doughy and luke warm. I will certainly not be using them again. I can only assume that any positive reviews on their website are posted by the franchise owners. unprofessional.

Gavin, 21 Jun 2017


Will, 20 Jun 2017

They're the best pizza takeaway. Would recommend to anyone.

Sarah, 05 Jun 2017

Besides being a little late getting here, excellent food at reasonable prices

Mark, 02 Jun 2017

Stuffed crust is to die for!

James Evans, 29 May 2017

I am very happy with the quality of my food and that they deliver out to where I live. That is a massive bonus as dominoes does not.

Bethany, 28 May 2017

Better thanthe big name pizzas

Iain, 16 May 2017

Always love the personal touch from Ali and his team and the business is very community focused. Great food

Tanya, 28 Apr 2017

Very goood

Petre, 27 Apr 2017

Spot on delivery time and easy to order!

Daniel, 23 Apr 2017


Mert, 22 Apr 2017

Delivery was outside of the estimated time.Deep pan pizza was incredibly thick, similar to the thickness of a slice of bread

Christian, 22 Apr 2017

My go too Pizza guys

Danny, 21 Apr 2017

On time, tasty. Good value, friendly and courteous as always. Great work pizza guys.

Richard, 17 Apr 2017

Very greasy, was like a throw back to Pizza Hut in the 80s but not as good. This is not a compliment.

Simon, 15 Apr 2017

Used these guys a lot. Consistantly good.

Kyle, 14 Apr 2017

Love these guys and their pizzas

Janine, 14 Apr 2017

Very friendly staff, extremely quick service and great value for money. I don't get my pizza from anywhere else!

Jamie, 10 Apr 2017

Love the pizza guys best pizza in CM23

Harry, 26 Mar 2017


Vicki , 25 Mar 2017

The food was very nice and was really hit when I received it. The delivery driver was polite and curtious at the door. I would highly recommend them to every one

Olly Bowden, 18 Mar 2017

Top pizza, not over charged like that other pizza place in town... Friendly delivery driver (was working Sunday 1203 at about 1745 and believe he was driving a golf). Always look forward to my cheat meal if I'm using pizza guys.

Sam, 12 Mar 2017

Wouldn't go anywhere else to but our pizzas now, although I get charged £3 for delivery it still works out cheaper than any other Pizza company's I've been to in the past and the meal deal selections have a great variety. Friendly fast service 1010

Emily , 10 Mar 2017

Excellent service in an area without many takeaway options! Great!

Tom, 02 Mar 2017

Best pizza delivery locally... Forget Domino's or Papa John!

Stuart, 24 Feb 2017

Another excellent meal!! And as always, great service! I love my delivery guy, he's always really polite and friendly. I will never stop ordering from here. Great quality food and great quality service! Thank you

Kirsty Green, 24 Feb 2017


Carol Thawley, 18 Feb 2017

Keep willing you guys to sort your delivery out coz I love your food and want to support local business. It's just bloody cold every time I get it! Come on guys!!!!

Sarah, 18 Feb 2017

Better than dominos

Ellie, 18 Feb 2017

Amazing as always x

Katie, 17 Feb 2017

Food was cold, pizza needed more topping.

Vanessa Lawson, 17 Feb 2017

I ordered with garlic sauces and gave me barbecue sauces when the pizza is already full with barbecue topping! When my pizza arrived was wet!

Ana, 11 Feb 2017

Excellent, always great pizza and very friendly staff

Chris, 09 Feb 2017

A guy was kind enough to call us and apologise cause there was no more hot wings, only bbq. What a great gesture

Dhara, 30 Jan 2017

[email protected] happy as no dips was delivered but was paid for

Scott Patterson, 27 Jan 2017

Great service, great web site, great value deal to feed 3 hungry kids! Just wish they did authentic Italian pizza & us adults would order too!

Nicola Chatham , 20 Jan 2017

Fast and great pizzas

Nick, 19 Jan 2017

Pizza and sides very nice, still lovely and hot when delivered on time by a very polite member of staff, impressed!

Alex, 16 Jan 2017

Always a pleasant service and great tasting pizza

Nate, 16 Jan 2017

Better than all the other pizza palours

Iain Munro, 16 Jan 2017

Excellent service amazing pizza and great service 1010

Ben , 16 Jan 2017

Everything all right, we are at the Stansted airport lodge!!

Carmelo, 15 Jan 2017

Excellent food and delivery service

Lucy, 15 Jan 2017

[email protected] 07763-772352I have always used PizzaGuysDial-a-pizza for my 6 years in Stortford. This evening, was not good1) They forgot the chicken from our meal-deal order2) Garlic bread slices have halved in size3) Potato Wedges seemed on the stingey side......4) The deep-pan pizza's all seemed to be thin-crust.5) When the food arrived - it was cold. Various slices were going in the microwave in succession.-(

Colin Harris, 15 Jan 2017

Lovely delivery guy!

Susanoton, 14 Jan 2017

Very hot, good food. Always arrives quicker than expected. Would highly recommend!

Emily, 13 Jan 2017

Ordered online. Took an hour to be delivered but we were advised BEFORE placing the order. Both pizzas were well cooked and tasty. Wedges and slaw also good. Would recommend this place and will be ordering again.

Tony Hetherington, 12 Jan 2017

Great food

Martyn, 12 Jan 2017

All food was nice, however we have ordered a pizza with prawn and they were changed for anchovies without asking us before.

Alberto, 09 Jan 2017

A quality Joey special ... 2 pizzas

Nick Hankin, 07 Jan 2017

Twin Deal - bargain!Delicious pizza, great customer service!

Becca, 05 Jan 2017

The pizza and garlic bread I ordered was really good. Stone baking really makes a difference. First time customer and will definitely order again. 07713910382. No need for manager to contact me.

Rik, 02 Jan 2017

Anita, 31 Dec 2016

Always good food, delivery is fast and customer service is great

Tanya , 30 Dec 2016

Some times the pizza need some more toppings seem a little short

Fred , 28 Dec 2016

I had the meatball stuffed edge pizza meal deal it was so tasty and such good value.

Hannah Miles , 24 Dec 2016

Best delivery service out there - amazing meal delivered 22 minutes early!

James Evans, 23 Dec 2016


Matt, 21 Dec 2016

Best pizza around stortford

Dean, 21 Dec 2016

We have ordered from pizza guys a few times now & the food has always been beautifully presented, very fresh & delicious & the service extremely quick. The quality of food is always exceptional & the staff go out of their way to help you when you order however busy they are. Last night we ordered again & I was overwhelmed with the service & care I received, far beyond anything I ever expected. I ordered as usual & expressed my son would have liked icecream but I didn't have enough. I ordered cookies instead & completed my order the guy on the phone couldn't have been more polite & courteous. The order came sooner than we expected & on opening our food there was a little package inside saying happy xmas & it contained ice cream. I cant explain how much this meant, little did they realise my son goes into a Neuro hospital after xmas for some tests & has been very worried & upset, & what pizza guys did last night with this gesture made him feel so special & really made his day. Thank you so much pizza guys to you & all your staff, you have such big hearts, work so hard & are such amazing people. Thank you

Sally Tidman, 20 Dec 2016

First time ordering because i got a code XMAS25...Site very poor...took my money and never gave me opportunity to enter code...only ordered because of code and wont use again...will go back to dominoes pizza...disappointed.Live chat a waste of time and very slow....

Cheryl Hiscoke, 18 Dec 2016

Why's man being being charged for delivery? KMT

Anthony Bonini, 16 Dec 2016

Very easy to use

Josie Volckman, 16 Dec 2016

Good food and good online ordering system

Rob, 09 Dec 2016

took nearly twice as long to be delivered as was stated online and then was only warm

Davivd Kingston, 09 Dec 2016

This place is great with great deals

Charlie May, 07 Dec 2016

I ordered family deal 12 inches and 6 pieces chicken but received 2 pizzas,garlic bread, and coke only.I paid 22.Where are 6 pieces chicken, BBQ chicken wings, potate wedges?

Kohei Tsutsui, 04 Dec 2016

Good value for money pizzas but delivery just takes too long.

Michelle , 04 Dec 2016

Lovely pizzas but just have to wait too long for delivery

Michelle, 04 Dec 2016

Pizza Guys is AMAZING!!! Me and my family have ordered from here for years and never had any problems! Always tastes incredible!!

Amber Sommerville, 03 Dec 2016


Matt, 03 Dec 2016

Great pizza, friendly delivery driver good service

Aaron Rogers , 01 Dec 2016

Good value, nice pizza and deliver to Standon!!

John, 29 Nov 2016

Best pizzas in town !! Please get a sweet chilli [email protected]

Olivia , 28 Nov 2016


James, 28 Nov 2016

Wow fabulous service received today. My son had his birthday party at Stortford Gymnastics. I arranged with Ali in advance and a member of his staff came in early to cater for our needs and we collected our order before they opened at midday. Not only did this make a 5 year old very happy the food was delicious. Highly recommend.

Niki Sehmi, 27 Nov 2016

Price is brilliant - the quality of food and service is perfect

Emily, 25 Nov 2016

Delivery is getting worse and worse causing quality of product to seriously decline

Sarah Mccarthy , 25 Nov 2016

Websites really quick and easy to use , I will be coming here every time I need pizza !

Sam , 25 Nov 2016

Best pizza takeaway by far!

Kerri, 21 Nov 2016

Andy Johnson , 19 Nov 2016

VEy NIce

Matt Fleming , 18 Nov 2016

A very good pizza joint

Nick, 13 Nov 2016

A very good pizza joint

Nick, 13 Nov 2016

One of my favourite pizza places local to where I am from, cheap enough and tasty enough to fill my pizza cravings, and often deliver before the time is up on the delivery timer ) no complaints

Amy Poole, 13 Nov 2016

Always pleased to support a local business

Tanya , 13 Nov 2016

Very quick service

Wayne, 09 Nov 2016

order pizza deal with additional pizza and desserts. pizzas were amazing, dough was light and fluffy, there was certainly enough of topping (meat) but the amount of cheese was a little mean. garlic bread was burnt - so much so it was more like a hard biscuit then bread! one of the desserts were missing from order so phoned up to explain that they hadn't been delivered and to be told they would make a fresh lot of cookies and they'll be delivered within half hour (which was a reasonable of time for delivery) and to open the box to all the cookies burnt - they would probably tasted really nice if they weren't but the taste was completely ruined - burnt chocolate is really not a nice flavour!

Sarah, 06 Nov 2016

most of the meal was very nice. could have been a bit hotter as it had started to go cold when it arrived. the cookies were burnt on the bottom.

Tina, 05 Nov 2016


Adnan, 04 Nov 2016

Nice pizza, but asked for deep pan and got thin.

Lianne, 04 Nov 2016

Excellent service friendly staff and excellent food very tasty better than others

Iain , 03 Nov 2016

Fantastic food and amazingly fast delivery thanks

Ian Lowdell, 02 Nov 2016

Never had an issue with service or food. Food is excellent, staff are friendly and always polite. Best pizza takeaway in Bishops Stortford.

Matthew Harman, 30 Oct 2016

The service has always been fast, efficient and with a smile. The food is great too. Thx pizza guys

Lorna Soares, 28 Oct 2016

Very long delivery, over 1 hour from receipt of email.I think we'll go back to Dominos next time.

James Wedgbrow, 25 Oct 2016

Always amazing! & delivery people friendly and always lovely! )

Zoee , 24 Oct 2016

The wrong pizza was delivered and was also missing the extra pineapple.Very disappointing after such a long wait.

Vikki Pratley, 22 Oct 2016

Always order from these guys great service great food

Ricky Ives , 14 Oct 2016

New customer but love this place already. Positively making my way through the menu!

Sarah Mccarthy , 13 Oct 2016

Excellent food plus fast service many thanks

Ian Lowdell, 11 Oct 2016

My 1st order from yourselves was delicious and far better than Dominos and Papa Johns. I had been recommending you to everyone.Unfortunately last nights pizza was like warm and far more greasy than previously.Thanks Chris King - [email protected]

Chris King, 09 Oct 2016

The food ordered took about an hour. When it came the driver was very strange some of the boxes were open and all the food was like warm and tasteless very poor quality very disappointed.

Allison Squires, 04 Oct 2016

You guys rock!!!

Sian Baker , 02 Oct 2016

Great tasting pizza and great value for money but delivery time very poor waited well over an hour

Mr Satchell , 30 Sep 2016

Fab! Best pizza in town

Charlie May, 30 Sep 2016

Never had a problem food always been great,very tasty and value for money

Iain Munro , 29 Sep 2016

Grest and easy to use

Andrew , 28 Sep 2016

The cheese in the crust wasn't like the mozzarella in the mozzarella sticks. The mozzarella sticks were delicious. I also listed that I didn't want red onions and I still got them

Katie Pursglove, 26 Sep 2016

Good quality on chicken strippers and mozzarella sticks. On the pizzas the 'guys special' a bit to strong taste on pork and beef. The 'country chicken 'is very nice. Mite order again

Ric, 23 Sep 2016

Ordered a couple of times now and it has always taken a very long time to be delivered

Sa, 23 Sep 2016

The best pizza place ever thanks

Ian Lowdell, 23 Sep 2016

I love everything you do

Ben, 22 Sep 2016

Over 1hr 15mins for estimated order time of 50mins

Mark, 16 Sep 2016

Excellent. Best pizza in town

K, 16 Sep 2016


Roma, 15 Sep 2016

send me more codes my friend is obese

Ben, 15 Sep 2016

My First time ordering with The Pizza Guys (and after placing my order for a Burger and Fries I'm told they've sold out of Burgers) Really? No excuse for a fast food chain selling out of stuff.

Andy, 15 Sep 2016

The products are very oily

Roxana, 11 Sep 2016

Very good!!!

Joe Picton , 09 Sep 2016

Very good would order again

Charlotte May, 09 Sep 2016

Used all pizza places in town this better than all

Spencer , 08 Sep 2016

I love you

Roma, 01 Sep 2016

Always Great Pizzas

Sophie, 30 Aug 2016

I like the food you send a message with a discount code I hope it worked I am so pleased with the service and the food thank you

Eman Huntly , 29 Aug 2016

Love it...

Gary Case, 28 Aug 2016

My partner and I get food from here very often and we love it!! Amazing food! The people who deliver the food are always friendly and polite. They also take notice of when you have a query and make sure to help. Great customer service and great food!

Kirsty Green, 26 Aug 2016

Very cheap!

Christine Jervis, 19 Aug 2016

Very taste and brilliant food

Courtney , 15 Aug 2016

The first time I ordered from here I vowed to never eat this Pizza again as it wasn't cooked properly! But after giving it a second chance I'm so happy with the food and service

Emily, 12 Aug 2016

Apologies - further to my previous feedback about slow delivery should you wish to respond my email address is [email protected]

Stuart, 10 Aug 2016

Food was good as always but delivery speed was well below par - over ninety minutes. Had to call to chase three times and to be honest I felt the responses were rather disingenuous and designed to get me off the phone - food turned up 35mims after I was told it was out for delivery which patently wasn't true.Hope this improves next time.

Stuart, 10 Aug 2016

Very very good food but delivery was a bit slow.

Karen, 01 Aug 2016

Very speedy service and delicious food!

Sophie, 28 Jul 2016

Best pizza ever!!! And best service!

Alysha , 28 Jul 2016

Excellent pizza and service. I will definitely order from you again

John Hart, 22 Jul 2016

Best pizza place in stortford!

Kerri, 18 Jul 2016

Really nice

Charlie, 10 Jul 2016

The bbq wings were very good and the garlic mushrooms cooked to perfection

Olly Bowdwn, 08 Jul 2016

Price a little bit high

Lorenzo, 07 Jul 2016

The food was very tasty and I would recommend it to my friends.

Ruppet Greenwich , 05 Jul 2016

Not very happy received my order and the garlic bread was warm as was the pizza

Russell , 30 Jun 2016


Louise Hayden, 29 Jun 2016


Holly, 26 Jun 2016

Food tastes fresh but takes a bit long to get

Ellie, 25 Jun 2016

1st time customer

Graham Willson, 23 Jun 2016

Great food and service, luvly polite delivery driver

Sharon Stewart, 18 Jun 2016

Haven't received tonights yet but have had good service and food previously

Danielle Page, 18 Jun 2016

GReat service great team! LOL LOVELY pizzza!

Ricky, 13 Jun 2016

Shocking! Order took 80 mins, no apology blamed it on the traffic and the weather. When my pizza eventually arrived it was cold. Promised the manager would call, he didn't, will not use again.

Dave, 12 Jun 2016

Lot of choices

Kiera, 11 Jun 2016

Good value for money

Darren, 09 Jun 2016

the service is really good

Lorenzo, 04 Jun 2016

its really good

Lorenzo, 04 Jun 2016

The service was amazing and the driver was very polite

Gerry Martian , 31 May 2016

Excellent food very fast service many thank

Ian Lowdell, 29 May 2016

Nice pizza, glad we can change the base over without a charge. Is there anyway we can add extra toppings on with a small charge for example having only a small amount put on with a cheaper price? [email protected]

Claudia Caiafa , 28 May 2016

best pizza not greasy always hot and real value for money staff is lovely to

Ben Rigden, 27 May 2016

Really good service and good quality food for a fair price.

Oliver Bowden, 24 May 2016

Can be annoying

Donna Bradnicl, 22 May 2016

Quick and easy

Donna Bradnick, 22 May 2016

Always delighted with the pizzas.

Jason, 21 May 2016


Gemma, 20 May 2016

you forgot our drink - Fanta plus BBQ sauce dip?

Paul Ivory, 20 May 2016

Brilliant service! Excellent pizza! Excellent price!!

Adam, 19 May 2016


Simon Harris, 18 May 2016

amazing! )

Zoee , 14 May 2016

Unicorns and rainbows help me to eat all of your sweet corn because your pizzas are bae

Billy Bob The Pretty Princess , 14 May 2016

Amazing food amazing service -

Dbacon, 13 May 2016

We've tried all the pizza places in Stortford and Pizza Guys wins for customer service, speedy sevice and tasty pizza hands down!

Susan, 13 May 2016

Delicious pizza

Nicola, 12 May 2016


Rhys, 10 May 2016

Perfect, took just 15 minutes

Ed Pinnington, 09 May 2016

I await it's arrival !!!

Jimmy, 07 May 2016

The extra toppings for the pizza are quick expensive for £1.05 is there any way that these could be reduced as having a variety of toppings on a pizza is very nice [email protected]

Claudia, 07 May 2016


Dj, 03 May 2016

Probably the best takeaway pizza i have ever had. Well done -)

Lewis, 02 May 2016


Mike, 01 May 2016

Fab service. I like it.

Stacey, 30 Apr 2016

My partner and I order from here frequently. The food is amazing! I put average for service speed as sometimes it takes a while to be delivered but I understand you get very busy! Excellent food, excellent people!

Kirsty, 29 Apr 2016

Always really good. Hoping it's as lovely this time

Lucy, 28 Apr 2016

Great pizzas, great prices!

Warwick, 27 Apr 2016

Food was lovely Would have been nicer if it was a bit warmer

Karen, 24 Apr 2016

I love piZza

Gary Case, 23 Apr 2016

Nice sized pizza, the additional toppings is too expensive and not good that we have to pay for the base to change too bbq [email protected]

Claudia, 23 Apr 2016

Easy on line ordering, nice discount offer. Will use again. Thanks

Marc, 22 Apr 2016


Robert, 18 Apr 2016

ive not had a chance to get the food yet so how can i revew it?

Jp, 16 Apr 2016

excellent service, came in good time. and very tasty will definitely order again

Shaun, 15 Apr 2016

good pizza, value for money, quick deliveries

Gary, 07 Apr 2016


Allauh, 03 Apr 2016

Long time to wait but I understand Friday is a busy night. However, it was only warm at best when it did arrive. Price was ok, but not sure I would order again now.

Terry, 01 Apr 2016

Food is always great here. Much better value for your money than the likes of dominoes etc. And you always get service with a smile.

Jade, 27 Mar 2016

Pizza was very good just needed a quick reheat in the oven to get it hot again. Cheesy garlic bread was missing from the order. Would order again though.

Alex, 25 Mar 2016

Excellent food amazing service many thanks

Ian Lowdell, 25 Mar 2016

Very tasty and great value for money

Iain, 23 Mar 2016

Very tasty and great value for money

Iain, 23 Mar 2016

Hi Matt Our feedback page has both positive and negative options, you just have to pull the tab down, however we do start the tabs on good to bad, as we aim for the sky's peace out )

Thepizzaguys, 20 Mar 2016

Very easy to order with a quick response

Iain, 19 Mar 2016

Your feedback form is pointless. It is prefilled with positive options and I haven't had the food yet

Mat Braddy , 19 Mar 2016

great service and amazing food. Thanks guys.

Tommy , 19 Mar 2016

Veery efficient service , the only take away who find our house properly . Nice food , and always on time

Ana, 18 Mar 2016

Onion rings turned up soggy -

Nikki Shambrook, 18 Mar 2016

I'm rather disappointed with my order tonight, my potato skins where still raw, the food was cold and you get less for your money, and the delivery man couldn't find my address and was short changed,

Donna, 15 Mar 2016

loads of pizza, great value for money

Steve, 14 Mar 2016

best pizza place for milles top knoch work Pizza guys )

James, 14 Mar 2016

Good Value

Harry, 12 Mar 2016

Excellent website! Well thought out and works very well!!

G, 04 Mar 2016

Cant fault the Pizza guys. Great food, great prices and I certainly won't be using any other franchasies in the Area from now on. They also have the best selections of sides and other types of food to order since i have a very picky family.

Bradley, 02 Mar 2016

Great pizzas best in town so far

Best Pizza In Town So Far, 01 Mar 2016

very good service!

Andrea, 29 Feb 2016

Bbq base could maybe use a bit more sauce but apart from that it's all great stuff

Randomman , 27 Feb 2016

nice guys

Martin, 27 Feb 2016

We did enjoy the food!!

Adrian, 20 Feb 2016

1010Very enjoyable servicewould order againI wouldnt be nervousyou could call me Bruce Wayne

John Smith, 20 Feb 2016

pizza was cut properly so the cheese pretty much came off in a big sheet. other than that, it was great

Randomman, 18 Feb 2016

everything good

Valerio, 13 Feb 2016

Pizza was over coocked...

Dominica, 10 Feb 2016


Martyn, 07 Feb 2016

Pizza had no taste, very bland, garlic bread was burnt and delivery driver would not come to my door asked if i could go collect, he did manage to get to my door, he was really out breath and nearly collapsed

Random, 06 Feb 2016

Great food and service as usual. And the online service is Great too

Tommy , 06 Feb 2016

Nice, but too expensive for the food quality, always sold out on something! (

Pocahontas, 05 Feb 2016

Lovely pizza! Great value too

Michelle , 05 Feb 2016

pizza would be better with some seasoning like more herbs or something maybe?

Stuart, 01 Feb 2016


Gilly, 31 Jan 2016

Very nice

Ryan Stewart, 29 Jan 2016

Top Notch Food as always!!!!!

Darrell Williams, 29 Jan 2016

Very good service and great food

Olly, 28 Jan 2016

The potato could have used more beans but on the very good

Olly, 19 Jan 2016

The best pizza I've had since my return from Italy.

Jack U, 18 Jan 2016

Would recommend

Sid, 13 Jan 2016

Always been good value for money and good food too

Ben Brown, 06 Jan 2016


Maddalena, 05 Jan 2016

Good food

Martyn, 29 Dec 2015

Dough was fresh for the pizzas with a great selection of toppings. It arrived in good time considering the traffic in Stortford (45mins), and was still piping hot. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Tony, 28 Dec 2015

I love The Pizza Guys

Matthew Smith, 24 Dec 2015

very good quality pizza , good service and delivery

Danielle Howard, 24 Dec 2015

Best Pizza Ever

Tom , 22 Dec 2015

Very good.

Will Nash, 16 Dec 2015

Fantastic pizza and chicken wings, the only down side was a slow delivery time but the food was really good! Will definitely use again and recommend.

Stephen D Bilby, 12 Dec 2015

Great food with fast service at a good price.

Paul M, 12 Dec 2015

Took way too long to be delivered.

Jackson, 12 Dec 2015

Impressive new menu with a good variety of choice. Great value for money but still a high quality of food!

Aaron Darnell, 11 Dec 2015

First time ordering The Pizza Guys but I suspect we will order from here again.

Susan, 11 Dec 2015

First time ordering from The Pizza Guys. I suspect we'll be ordering from here again.

Susan, 11 Dec 2015

when ordering online more prompts are needed to tell customers what they have missed out, othere than that good

Josh, 11 Dec 2015

Food always tastes good, no real complaints except for it takes a while for the food to arrive.

Chris, 16 Nov 2015


Zoe , 27 Oct 2015


Miguel, 05 Oct 2015

amazing service!

Mattia Calabto, 29 Sep 2015

Great as always

Pete, 06 Sep 2015

Nice that they checked the order and that a dessert swap would be okay.Everything as ordered.

Darrell Smith, 18 Aug 2015

very good service

Michela, 29 Jul 2015


James Evans, 07 Jun 2015


Lorenzo Vivian, 31 May 2015

very long time waiting #hungry

Sam, 30 May 2015


Karol, 28 May 2015

Amazing pizza every week always brilliant

Chris Ashworth, 24 Apr 2015

Lovely food. Friendly service

Cyndi, 11 Apr 2015


Calum, 21 Mar 2015

Always an perfect service and he kids never complain about the food lol

Vicky Pain, 13 Mar 2015

Quick delivery, nice service

Marcel, 28 Feb 2015

Food was lovely and brilliant service. Will definately use again

Bridget , 26 Feb 2015

Fodd delivered when advised, friendly driver, food unremarkable, but OK.

Steve, 11 Feb 2015

Pizza was great. Desert delivered was not what was ordered - it was yummy but not the selection I ordered.

Katie, 08 Feb 2015

it was good but quite slow

Jasmine, 04 Feb 2015

Very good online service. Will use again.

David B, 02 Feb 2015

The food was really nice apart from 1 pizza being burnt and the crust inedible. Shame, I love a crust.

Darryleast Rd , 06 Dec 2014

Very fast delivery and very nice driver, great prices, BBQ pizza was the best which i ever had, only both pizza crusts were bit overbaked. Giving 9.5 from 10 ) Thank you )

Meggie, 04 Dec 2014

All round very good and happy with the service

Corey Grey, 11 Nov 2014

By the first time o ordered food from this guys, i wa very impressed. And now they are my favourite

Theo, 21 Oct 2014

Waited over an hour for delivery

B Pinner, 17 Oct 2014

Rita, 14 Oct 2014


Tomas, 09 Oct 2014

Best pizza around by far

Darren , 20 May 2014

Cheap when book online

Dan, 17 Apr 2014

Tasted finger-lickin' good

Taylor Gizzi, 17 Feb 2014


Pj, 09 Feb 2014

Delicious and affordable meal.

Gizzi, 02 Feb 2014

Very good and value for money better than the big chanes

Addam , 30 Jan 2014

Food arrived much quicker than anticipated. delivery woman was lovely and polite. very impressed with whole service and will use again

Clare, 01 Jan 2014

Always great food and service ... won't use any other in bishops stortford

Tanya, 15 Nov 2013

First time customer not bad for the money.

Mark, 05 Oct 2013

Very quick delivery. food fresh and hot. excellent service.

Victor, 29 May 2013

Great services

Oana, 11 May 2013


Callum, 16 Mar 2013

Another lovely mother's day thanks to thise guys very nice food and grate price

Janet , 10 Mar 2013